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Why Radio?

- Radio is personal and trusted
- Listeners actually notice the ads!

While people regularly avert their eyes from press or banner ads, listeners cannot close their ears!  They remain attentive when the ads come on and rarely turn off or channel-hop to avoid commercials*.

Banner and ad-word campaigns have their place in the advertising mix, but radio reaches people who never click ads, and it can be cheaper.

* Source: Radio Advertising Bureau


Why Internet Radio?

- Highly targeted audience
- Cost effective (do the sums!)
- International

Aside from the obvious cost advantage, internet stations are highly specialized and hence highly personal.

People tend to listen to internet radio 'close-up' using speakers right on their desk in front of them, or using earphones - they will hear the ads!

Research shows that listeners to internet radio listen to a wider variety of stations than audiences of terrestrial radio do. This is actually a good thing for advertisers - it means you're not just hitting exactly the same audience pool every time.

Radio station Advertising Executives often point out that radio is a "repetition medium", and that's true to a point, but there's an optimum number of times a listener needs to hear an ad if they're going to act on it - beyond a few times is just wastage. Internet stations have a nice churn of audience within their demographic, so advertisers can leave an ad running and it can reach a new audience every month.


Why News Radio International?

- Quality audience
- Easy to use
- Bangs per buck
- Professional

We are one of few stations to deliver an international rolling news format. Most news stations are in fact "News-Talk" or "News-Chat" - they also feature local phone-ins, weather and traffic reports - they're only relevant inside their own districts.

News Radio International does not carry any local content so does not alienate non-local listeners.

The news format appeals to listeners who are mature enough to have disposable income, but young enough to be receptive to advertising.

We don't aim to cover stories in complex detail - our objective is to condense the main points of the news into 15 minutes without the user needing to make any effort to find/sift/read.



The News Radio International audience is international and distributed throughout the most affluent areas of the English speaking world.

Many people listen to internet radio using a mobile phone or PDA - they're listening on earphones. There is no better way to put a message directly inside somebody's head! 
News Radio International reaches the elusive iPod generation and people who don't click on ads.

Because we're a speech station broadcasting in English, you know our our listeners understand English! This is an important contrast to music stations with their international audiences which don't understand English.

Our news rolls (repeats) every 15 minutes, so our audience 'rolls' too - it's not just the same people hearing the ads over and over again all day.



Clients can supply their own commercials, or we can take care of everything - including writing a script and recording a commercial.  Our Commercial Producer is British, and has 25 years radio experience. 

The cost of producing a commercial is minimal and the process is simple.  Production charges are here: Rates

Additionally, we accept "Presenter Read" scripts, to be read by our own staff - this eliminates production costs for lower budget campaigns.

To maintain professional standards, script acceptance is subject to approval. We can help with writing.


Which products are suited to radio?

Radio is ideal for general awareness, branding and reinforcing other display advertising.

This is an international station, with a savvy international English-speaking audience. 

Listeners are sitting at their computer right now. An in-stream audio ad on News Radio International is perfect for driving quality traffic to your website or online shop.

Advertising on Internet radio is cheap and efficient.

Listeners might be particularly interested in the following types of products:

Internet Shopping
Holidays & Travel
Digital products - phones, software and apps.
Internet-only businesses
Universities, colleges and private schools
Newspapers, publications and websites
Online fashion


Advertising Rates

Successful advertising is a numbers game. Whether to advertise on a given medium or not depends on the cost of reaching a certain audience for the benefits achieved.

Our advertising rates are based on CPM - "Cost per Mille" (= cost per 1,000 impacts) and we aim to substantially beat the cost of traditional broadcast media while delivering a high-quality audience.

1,000 impacts cost approximately $5us, 3.20GBP, 3.70Euros.

This means it costs just $50 for your ad to be heard 10,000 times.

Professional commercial production, if required, is charged separately (detailed below). We can deal with everything in-house.

Don't forget we also have some sponsorship packages available, these are detailed separately on our sponsorship page.

We have two airtime ratecards, use whichever one suits your needs best.

The first is based on number of spots and varies according to time zone - it's appropriate for clients who want to target specific regions during their peak time.

The second ratecard is based purely on number of impacts - these ads run 24/7. An 'impact' is when an ad is heard by a listener (so, it represents the number of times the ad is heard, rather than played).

All ads play worldwide.

We don't normally fix exact spot times, but can do so at a premium.

Spots will be spread evenly during the selected day part to achieve the target number of spots/listens. We use server statistics to allow for varying audience numbers at different times of day.

The tables here set out common campaign volumes. Intermediate numbers of impacts and spot lengths are available for the same price (pro-rata) - so if your ad is an odd length, that's no problem!

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