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News Radio International has a limited number of programming features available for sponsorship.

What is sponsorship?

A short message played before or during a specific programming feature. A typical sponsorship tag would go something like this:

ABC reports is sponsored by Acme Anvils.
For super-fast delivery of your anvil, visit AcmeAnvils.com.

Sponsorship is used for long-term branding and creating a "base of awareness" at low cost - it's not intended for describing specific offers or giving a detailed call to action.

The format of the tag is - Name-Slogan-URL -
that's typically about 8 seconds.

Our presenter will read the message (no production cost) or clients can supply pre-recorded messages (without music).

Updates to the tag can be made periodically (e.g. every few days/weeks), so over time you can create a broader awareness of business activity. For example, your tag could be changed to:

ABC reports is sponsored by Acme Anvils.
For an anvil that will ring like a bell, visit AcmeAnvils.com.

News Radio International is a rolling news service, the tags are therefore repeated every 15 minutes, 24/7. that's 2,880 plays per week!

Sponsorship packages can be supplemented by regular commercials which can give more detail (see Rates).

Note that all advertising must be truthful, so the following message could risk a legal challenge which we'd rather avoid, so it is NOT suitable:

ABC reports is sponsored by Acme Anvils.
For the fastest delivery of anvils in the world, visit AcmeAnvils.com.

Also note that as sponsorship messages run within serious programming features, we have to be a little selective as to what is suitable - 'sensible' products only!


Sponsorship Packages available now.

At time of writing, we have the following features available for sponsorship:

News Brief
A summary of current news, played 4 times per hour - 24/7.
That's 2,880 mentions per month!
The weekly cost of sponsoring this feature is $140us, 87GBP, 100 Euros.
Minimum 13 weeks.

International Weekend
Sponsor the whole weekend!  Tags played every 15 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays.
The weekly cost of sponsoring this feature is $20us, 13GBP, 15 Euros.
Minimum 13 weeks.

Features half-hourly.
The weekly cost of sponsoring this feature is $70us, 44GBP, 50 Euros.
Minimum 13 weeks.

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