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News Radio International has a limited amount of airtime available for advertising, book early before we're sold out!


10,000 impacts for less than a tank of gas

NEWS RADIO INTERNATIONAL has a quality, English-speaking audience, actively listening, 24/7.

Speak cheaply and easily to potential customers with a radio commercial on this station. 

We provide professional commercial production services or our presenters can read your script with no production charge.


How to Order 

It's easy to book advertising on

If you already have an audio commercial:

Email it to us

If you do not yet have a commercial:

We can either record one for you or simply read from your emailed script.
See our Advertising and Production Rates (no production charge for "Presenter Reads").

Email us the dates you'd like to advertise (inclusive) and how many spots or impacts you'd like (see Rates). We'll send you a Paypal payment request. Once payment is received, we'll confirm everything by email and schedule your ad. That's it! 

Note that your order will be processed by human beings, so you may not receive a reply immediately owing to time differences and work schedules.



We can generally start your campaign within a day or two, or book ahead to secure the limited airtime. 

All ads run 24/7, spread throughout each 24 hours (we do not guarantee exact spot times). If you have several different commercials, we can play all of them in equal (random) rotation at no extra charge, or change them on dates you specify.

We accept every currency which Paypal accepts (payment with order only).

Any questions? Just email.
There's an FAQ below (and on our SALES homepage).




Do I have to use an advertising agency?
No, but both agencies and direct clients are equally welcome.  Interested agencies please email.

Is there a minimum order value or setup fee?
No set-up fee, minimum order is $50us, 31.60GBP, 37.10Euros.

What scheduling restrictions are there?
Commercials can be any length and any frequency, priced pro-rata based on our published Advertising Rates.
We reserve the right to alter advertising schedules in response to news events, e.g. if there's a major plane crash we may temporarily remove advertising for airlines.

Can you provide detailed ratings figures from Arbitron or Rajar?
There is no organization which monitors internet radio audiences, instead, we use our server statistics to predict how many listeners will hear each ad. We sell airtime either according to either the number of "impacts" expected or the number of spots played.

Can I decide when my ads are played?
We have two ratecards, one is based on the time of day your spots are played, the other is based on the number of times your ad is heard worldwide. Choose whichever suits the nature of your business. One is best for targeting a specific region at peak times, the other offers best value for an international reach.

If I'm using your production service will I hear my ad in advance?
Yes, we'll email you an mp3 before transmission if we're recording your ad (not Presenter Reads which are read live).

How quickly can I get on air?
Within about a day or so once your payment is received and you're happy with the ad (if we're recording it).
Note that our Scheduling dept does not work 24/7, so book early if possible.

Are there any restrictions regarding the content of advertisements?
Yes, please read our
Terms & Conditions

How much does it cost?

- 10,000 impacts (listens) costs less than a tank of gas.

Every business can afford to advertise on News Radio International.  
Advertising Rates

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